A timecapsule for work and play

Track all your achievements and habits

Stay motivated, achieve more

An anti-todo list. There are no boxes to check off, no deadlines and no stress
Simply record what you did and go celebrate your wins, big or small
Use emojis to capture the moment and give yourself a little boost.

Rewind and review

Look back and find your accomplishments from last week, month or any time
Make new habits stick by seeing your streaks and encouraging consistency
Know if you are moving forward and making progress on important goals

Get the big picture and spot trends

Detailed statistics to help you better understand how your energy is spent. Break down your data and identify productivity trends.

*Feature coming soon

Organize with channels

Flexible structure that adapts to your way of working
Public channels allow you to share your wins with coworkers, friends and family
Private channels let you keep humble brags to yourself

Perfect for the entire team

Keep your team in-sync and up to date on daily, weekly and monthly progress
Avoid unnecessary status meetings and keep track of all updates in one place
Simplify performance reviews and never be left guessing how your team is doing

Achieve more with Workcapsule

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